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Death 12 Color Alcohol Palette - I Love FX Makeup

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Zombies, cuts, bumps and bruises. The Death palette has it all. Some old favorite colors from our Attack and Undead palettes and some brand new colors as well complete this palette.  Old Age, Bloody, Road Burn, Vein, Hot Flesh, Death Blue, Walker, Grey, Rotted, Rich Merlot, Bone & Statue Alcohol Makeup...

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I Love FX Makeup Alcohol Based Palettes

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I Love FX Makeup was founded in 2015 during a discussion at West Coast Haunters convention about the rising cost of FX makeup. I Love FX Makeup set out to form a company that would be able to provide high quality FX makeup at affordable prices. We have teamed up with some of he BEST manufacturers to provide you FX Makeup.

In April 2016, I Love FX Makeup launched our Alcohol Based 6 color palettes as well as our Alcohol Based Singles and Palette Refills.

In June 2016, I Love FX Makeup launches our Water Based 3 color packs as well as our Water Based Singles. All in all we offered 16 color packs and 40 colors! We look to keep expanding our line to provide FX artists with more options at amazing prices!

We look forward for the chance to serve you. No matter if you're a novice or a seasoned veteran. We will gladly take the time to walk you through whatever questions you may have. We currently operate a retail location in Chicago, IL (Chicago Bodypaint & Cosplay) and look to expand into other markets in the future.